About Us

At South Bend Schools, we take pride in knowing the students in our school system are uniquely prepared for life in the real world, global community. Some graduates may choose to spend their lives right here serving South Bend. Others may decide to venture much farther to fulfill their life dreams. But regardless of where life's journeys take your children, as parents, you can be confident that the quality of education they receive in South Bend Schools and the values they learn in the South Bend community will serve them well. 

Mission Statement

In partnership with students, families and community, South Bend Community School Corporation provides the respect, encouragement and support every student needs to attain the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary success.

Vision Statement

SBCSC will be the community's choice for exceptional education with expert staff and exemplary programs that engage our diverse students in quality learning and equip each one, academically and personally, to thrive in and shape an ever changing world. 

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