Communications Department

The Communications Department of the South Bend Community School Corporation offers support to our customers -- schools, administrative building, Board members, parents, and our community -- to assist getting the word out or getting the information you need. 

The media is asked to contact our department for all requests for interviews, photographs, live shots, b-roll, statements, etc. We ask that you call us before visiting any school regardless of whether you plan to interview anyone. Student privacy and safety is of top concern to us, and therefore we require media be escorted.

Sue Coney
Director of Communications
Office: 574-393-6028
Cell: 574-302-0707
 Sue Coney

Pam Kollar
Office: 574-393-6030
 Pam Kollar
George Jones IV
Marketing/Media Specialist
Office: 574-393-6165
Cell: 574-315-2329

Rachel Nuner
Communications Specialist
Office: 574-393-6029
Cell: 574-386-0603
 George Jones & Rachel Nuner