Coquillard, Hamilton, and Tarkington Traditional Schools

Coquillard Traditional School
1245 N. Sheridan Avenue
South Bend, IN 46628
Principal: Mr. Bill Gergely

Hamilton Traditional School
1530 East Jackson Road
South Bend, IN 46614
Principal: Mrs. Kathy Sanders

Tarkington Traditional School
3414 Hepler Road
South Bend, IN 46635
Principal: Mrs. Tania Grimes

Coquillard, Hamilton, and Tarkington Traditional Schools are designed to provide students the opportunity for academic, social and emotional growth in a highly structured, back-to-basics environment. The schools place a strong emphasis on high academic standards, student responsibility and active parental involvement. Enrollment is available to children whose parents agree to the admission criteria. Enrollment is controlled by district capacity and racial compliance. 
  • The home schools for Coquillard Traditional School are Coquillard, Harrison, Marquette, Warren and Wilson.
  • The home schools for Hamilton Traditional School are Hay, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe and Nuner.
  • The home schools for Tarkington Traditional School are Darden, McKinley, Muessel, Perley and Swanson. 

Transportation is provided to all students who live outside the walk area for the school.