Program Information

The Criminal Justice career Program is designed to provide students with basic skills and technical knowledge needed to further their development within this dynamic field of study. Today’s society demands that those involved in the administration of justice are highly trained in all aspects of the field.
Criminal Justice I will introduce the students to the various career opportunities within the field. Types of crimes and procedures for dealing with them will also be covered.

Criminal Justice II expands on the topics covered in the first level. Theories of criminal behavior and police operations are examined. Job shadowing experiences may also be available.

This is a competency-based educational program providing both theoretical and practical knowledge in the following:

• Emergency Procedures
• Search & Seizure
• Physical Training
• Defensive Tactics
• Traffic control
• Patrol procedures
• Use of force
• Police operations
• Procedural law
• Theories of criminal behavior
• Juvenile Justice system
• Guest speakers
• Field Trips
• Firearms training
• Custody procedures
• Criminal investigations
• Court Proceedings

The study of Criminal Justice may lead to these careers:

  • Police Cadet
  • Police Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Private Investigator
  • State Investigator
  • Police Dispatcher
  • Security guard
  • Federal/State Inspector
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agent
  • Hotel/Retail/Business/Industrial Security
  • Correction Officer
  • Correctional Technician