Project Procedures

StoreFrontThe following procedures must be followed when requesting service from the Print Shop.

  • You may contact the Print Shop at [email protected], or 393-6095.  Do not use staff personal email addresses. The above email is the only email address the Print Shop will use for communication.

  • Print jobs submitted through Google Drive or emailed files will be accepted on the Digital StoreFront program as an “offline approval."  However, an offline request must be put through StoreFront and approved by the Principal/Director.

  • Print jobs submitted are saved in the system for 7 days only. If the job is not approved by Principal/Director within 7 days the request is deleted from the system.

  • Use StoreFront when submitting jobs to the Print Shop. Using a hard copy for printing results in a lower quality result. Contact the Data Management Department for StoreFront training. StoreFront will save all printing requests for future printing.

  • Print jobs must be print ready when submitted to the Print Shop. The Print Shop will not make any changes or adjustments to an original document. All jobs will be printed the way they are submitted – please take the time to proof read your documents/jobs before submitting them.

  • Black and white printing will be done at no charge to schools/departments. However if you have color printing done you will be charged $.10 a side for 8.5x11 size paper. Color printing charges will be invoiced by the Purchasing Department at the end of each month.

  • With the closure of the Stores Department, previous stock jobs can be ordered through StoreFront only. When placing your order please reference the previous stock number for printing.

  • Copyrighted materials cannot be printed by the Print Shop without written permission. It is unlawful to reproduce copyrighted materials without permission. Materials that have a copyright must have written permission to reproduce from the owner of the copyright. Copyrighted materials submitted to the Print Shop without the required written permission will be denied.

  • Large print jobs must be sent to the Print Shop 5 days prior to your target deadline. Smaller print jobs will need 2 – 3 days.

  • Completed printing jobs will be sent to the schools/departments. Completed print jobs cannot be picked up from the Print Shop so please plan accordingly.

  • Print jobs consisting of 100 or more sheets must be printed by SBCSC/Print Shop. Do not use the schools/departments copy machines for large quantities. (Example: A packet of 20 sheets and 10 sets are needed to be printed = 200 sheets total - needs to be printed by the Print Shop, packet of 5 sheets and 10 copies are needed to be printed = 50 sheets total – can be printed from the schools/departments copy machine).

  • SBCSC/Print Shop cannot print anything larger than 12x18 in size nor do any laminating.

  • Here is the form to order business cards:

  • High school newspapers have a separate agreement and will be sent to each high school at the beginning of each school year. The agreement must be signed and returned prior to any newspapers being printed.

If you have questions or concerns, contact John Ridenour, Printing Technician, at 393-6095 or Christy Heim, Print Shop Supervisor, at 393-6093.