What does it mean to be #TeamSouthBend?

  • It means we place our students as our first and foremost priority and we are relentless in our pursuit of success for ALL students.
  • It means that we understand "fair" doesn't always mean "equal." Some of our students need more because they started with so much less.
  • It means that we treat students, parents, staff and community members with respect, fairness, and dignity.
  • It means that we are committed, diligent, and passionate about preparing our students for both college and the global marketplace.
  • It means we all market our school district and community - promoting our schools and the success of our students is EVERYONE'S job!
  • It means that we function with and hold ourselves to a high degree of accountability across all of our operations.
  • It means that we have to earn the trust of parents so that they will entrust their children to us.
  • It means excellence in everything we do.
  • It means that we are a community where students thrive, excel, and achieve SUCCESS!

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