Current Year Enrollment

New student enrollment for current school year 2020/21

We offer choices to suit every kind of student: Traditional schools, Montessori schools, magnet schools with special programming, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways programs. Some of our high schools are aligned with area colleges and universities and share courses, providing students with college credits.

Parents of students with special needs who were previously enrolled in a separate setting /self-contained class should report to Special Education Services with their student’s current Individual Education Plan (IEP).

First Step: Eligibility

To enter kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before October 1. Older students must be under age 21 on the first day of school to enroll. For pre-K and kindergarten enrollment, click here.


Second Step: Choose a school

Base school


Magnet school


Virtual School

Sometimes a student may be placed at a school other than the assigned school to receive special education, language services, or to accommodate special circumstances.

Students entering ninth grade have additional choices; they may choose to:

  1. Attend the assigned high school based on their home address

  2. Apply to the high school of their choice

  3. Apply to one of the high school magnet programs:


Third Step: Enrollment for new students grades 1 through 12

  • Use the buttons below to enroll in Virtual School or a school based on your residence.
 Registration Form   Formulario de inscripción

Contact Mary Alexander at 574-393-6047, [email protected] with questions.


Fourth Step: Required forms to enroll your child in grades 1 through 12

Mail copies of these items to the school:

NOTE: Your child is not officially enrolled in school until you have mailed the above-required paperwork and the school has approved the enrollment.



New student enrollment

New student enrollment