Statement from Dr. Todd Cummings

Statement from Dr. Todd Cummings

Statement from Dr. Todd Cummings, Superintendent South Bend Community School Corporation

February 15, 2023

The resolution put forth by our City’s Common Council voices the views and concerns of many in our community regarding our Facilities Master Plan. 

This process and all proposed scenarios are intended to strengthen our neighborhood schools by focusing resources and simplifying school choice. The data gathered during our district’s 2021 efficiency study has guided our plans to fulfill our referendum’s promise to route tax dollars toward enhanced academic support and teacher salaries. 

Early on, our consultants commissioned a Facilities Master Plan Community Task Force, composed of a diverse group of people including two South Bend Common Council members. They have been essential in helping us provide insight and data to our wider South Bend community. 

As our consultants continue to gather community input surrounding the three potential scenarios, we remind our stakeholders that these scenarios are not proposals, but possible conceivable outcomes that would grant the district long-term savings and sustainability. We invite you to complete the questionnaire, attend community meetings, and share your thoughts and suggestions with your respective Board members. Also, a live document of FAQs is updated daily on our district’s website. 

Once the questionnaire has closed, Fanning Howey and HPM will provide their recommendation to the Board of School Trustees during the meeting to be held on March 20. Board members will discuss the recommendations and adopt a plan at the meeting scheduled for April 17. 

Community input is very important to us, and we’ve worked hard to be open and transparent throughout this process by way of Community Task Force meetings, community presentations, focus groups, and questionnaires. We welcome any solutions from South Bend elected officials. We’re grateful to our Board of School Trustees, our Facilities Master Plan Community Task Force, our Common Council members, and most importantly, our students and families for their feedback and support during this ongoing planning process.