Program Details

We are committed to providing a safe and structured quality child care program that includes free play, homework, arts and crafts, Yoga, Spanish, STEM activities and community guest speakers in a growth mindset environment. Students are encouraged to grow socially and academically via fun, hands-on activities that enrich their learning experiences. Building relationships with students, parents, building staff and the community have enriched the programs.

  • Children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Staff are trained and certified in several areas of health and safety with ongoing training.

  • Children are treated with respect. Social and academic growth and development are encouraged and supported.

  • STEM activities, Spanish instruction, and yoga are some of the exciting activities along with a reading initiative, arts and crafts, and free play.

Bright Beginnings

Available before school at various locations for SBCSC students grades PreK-5, the program ends when the school day begins.

Students are transported to the child care site by parents and signed in by their parent/guardian.  

The Bright Beginnings program will be closed on Two Hour School Delay Days as announced by SBCSC. Parents will transport their student to the child's school at the assigned start time on those days.

Kaleidoscope Club

Kaleidoscope is an after school program available at various locations for SBCSC students grades K-5. 

Parents transport their students home from the site with a 6 pm pick up.

If you have any questions, please contact Angela Payne at [email protected]