South Bend Virtual School now enrolling

South Bend Virtual School now enrolling
Posted on 07/20/2021

Full-time, virtual option available for k-12 students

The South Bend Community Corporation (SBCSC) is accepting students (K-12) in its year-old South Bend Virtual School, designed for full-time students who choose to take the majority of their classes online. Students do not need to live within the SBCSC boundaries to attend.

This learning opportunity is supported by a physical location within the former Perley School facility, where South Bend Virtual School Principal Mansour Eid has an office and will be available to parents and students, just as the principal of a traditional school would be.

Though the online teaching and learning of South Bend Virtual School will take place remotely, the physical building space will be used for State testing; the Virtual School also will offer school counseling and special education options for students.

“This curriculum provides our students an expansive, flexible, and self-paced education,” said Mansour Eid, principal of South Bend Community School Corporation’s Virtual School. “With a keen focus on each student and their learning style, we provide meaningful and individualized education to students who seek to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting, preparing them for careers and college and engaging them with our local and global community.”

The Virtual School is designed to provide students in grades K-12 access to a quality SBCSC online education in an alternative and flexible environment for individualized learning. Students are also able to access teachers in person, regularly meeting one-on-one to discuss materials, and focus on their individual needs in accordance with district and state policies and laws.

“Over the past year, we’ve been able to come full circle in our creation and implementation of a comprehensive Core 40 curriculum that meets students from within and beyond our district where they are, in the academic sense, and in their physical location,” said Alison Schlotfeldt, who designed the online course of study, and who serves as coordinator of digital integration for the district . “From designing courses to ensuring accessible enrollment to hiring the most highly qualified educators from within our district, we are thrilled to be offering this opportunity to our learners. It will provide them with a meaningful education and the tools necessary for future success.”

The curriculum consists of self-paced learning modules with direct support from highly qualified SBCSC teachers.

Courses include:

  • English/ Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social
  • Studies
  • Directed electives
  • Physical Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Electives

As students progress through the course modules, they will regularly meet one-on-one with their teacher to discuss the material and address their individual learning needs. Teachers will also provide opportunities for students to engage with other students in the course through optional, whole group activities and meetings. Students and teachers have the opportunity to create a schedule and experience that meets their needs.

The school is an ideal option for:

  • Students outside of the district who desire quality SBCSC education without physically attending a school building
  • Students who require special accommodations that cannot be met in a school building
  • Students who are attending an SBCSC school but desire to take elective or advanced courses not currently offered where they attend
  • Students who are in need of a short- or long-term alternative to an in-person school setting (e.g. medical issues, awaiting disciplinary hearing, long-term travel, personal circumstances, etc.)
  • Students in need of credits or accelerated progress toward graduation

To learn more about the South Bend Community Virtual School, contact Mansour Eid, principal, at [email protected] or 574-393-6169.