Folder/Stuffer/Sealer Machine

The Print Shop has a Folder/Stuffer/Sealer machine available. The machine will eliminate the need to contract an outside source to perform folding of letters, stuffing and sealing of envelopes. All folding, stuffing and sealing of envelopes will be done in house only. Please review the following information to help in your process of getting important information to parents and students:

The process is very simple: Submit a print job to the Print Shop – materials will be folded and stuffed into an envelope – addressed envelopes will be given to the Mailroom to mail to the parents/students – unaddressed envelopes will be given back to the department/school. A mailing requisition will need to be provided to meter your job.

  • The machine will fold (3) three different sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper – stuff into an envelope – seal envelope (envelope can be left unsealed if you prefer)

  • Envelopes can be addressed by department/school prior to being stuffed or after being stuffed. The SBCSC Print Shop is unable to address the envelopes.

  • Window envelopes can also be used if you have a personalized letter you are sending to a parent/student, however please make sure that the address is located in the top portion of the letter (report card template works perfectly)

  • Jobs that consist of under 100 envelopes can be done at the department/school level, however the Print Shop can fold your materials for you to make stuffing the envelope a lot easier

  • Envelopes issued by SBCSC will only be allowed to be used with this Folder/Stuffer/Sealer. The necessary regular and window envelopes can be ordered through Christy Heim/Purchasing Department.

  • Materials will only be accepted if the materials are printed by the Print Shop. Outside printing (desktop printers) will not be accepted.

  • Envelopes must be sent to the SBCSC Print Shop as soon as the job is submitted. Having all the materials available at the same time will speed up the process of folding, stuffing, and mailing.

  • Three day notification will be needed prior to date to be mailed.

If you have further questions, contact the Print Shop at 393-6095 or [email protected].