SBCSC Superintendent directs personnel changes to solve corporation’s transportation, food woes

SBCSC Superintendent directs personnel changes to solve corporation’s transportation, food woes
Posted on 09/24/2019

In the wake of the student lunch issues two weeks ago, coupled with ongoing school bussing troubles around the district, South Bend Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings announced personnel shifts designed to help solve these problems.

“It’s time we took bold, decisive action that will actually help our students, not hinder them,” Cummings said.

On Monday afternoon, Cummings announced that Rene Sanchez, current Chief Operating Officer, will temporarily take on the additional role of Director of Transportation for the Corporation, replacing Juan Legus, who has resigned. Cummings also announced the launch of a national search for a new Director of Transportation. Additionally, Cummings announced the resignation of Victoria Moore, Food and Nutrition Director for the SBCSC. He said the Corporation will work with the new food service vendor, Chartwell's, to determine their needs and whether or not the position needs to be filled in the future. In the meantime, SBCSC Chief Financial Officer Kareemah Fowler will serve as liaison between the Corporation and Chartwell’s to ensure their needs are being met.

“Our students can’t learn if we can’t get them to their schools in the morning,” Cummings said. “They deserve better and I will continue to look for additional ways to improve not only transportation, but all of our services. Food and transportation are two major areas that call for improvement, and I expect to see those improvements soon.”

After reports of a few area schools “running out of food,” Cummings arranged for Chartwell’s to start last week rather than waiting until October, as originally planned. He also initiated an internal investigation to determine how and why this could have happened in the corporation.

“Our investigation exposed Central Office process issues and we needed to make the necessary adjustments in our Food and Nutrition department. As I said previously, running out of food for our students is unacceptable. We are grateful for the front line workers who feed and greet our students every day. Without their support we would not have been able to resolve this matter. We are grateful for their extra work.”

Additionally, though schools have been in session for four weeks, transportation problems continue to plague the corporation.

“Four weeks is enough time to work out the start of the year busing issues. We need to make changes now since these problems haven’t been solved,” Cummings added.

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