Teacher Recruitment

These are some of the opportunities we offer our educators at the South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC):

  • Compensation for first-year teachers in our corporation is $42,000, among the highest of any district in our county additionally, the corporation offers other compensation in the form of stipends:

    • Retention Stipends up to $1,200

    • Teacher Appreciation stipend up to $500

    • Teacher Leaders up to $3,500

    • Curriculum Teacher Leaders up to $5,000

    • New Teacher Mentor up to $2,000

    • National Board Certification $5,000

We also ensure our teachers are supported by coaches, mentors for all new teachers, and a professional learning community. Because we value the personal and professional growth of our teachers, we make the pursuit of National Board certification as easy as possible by covering all associated costs as well as a generous stipend for achieving certification.

Here are the highlights of 2020 at SBCSC: